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Archive for February, 2013


This photo was taken in Budapest, Hungary towards the beginning of my time abroad. This memorial, which consists of a row of old shoes with candles in them,  is considered one of the hidden treasures of Budapest because there is no plaque describing what it is or its purpose. The story behind it goes back […]


I spent my fall semester in the incredible city of Prague, Czech Republic.  I took thousands of pictures of my time abroad, but I particularly like this one.  It shows the skyline of the historic Old Town district of Prague, with the Zizkov broadcast tower looming over every building in the city.  Erected by the […]


I lived in lovely Kawagoe, Saitama, for the term of my study abroad. I was scheduled to leave Kawagoe the day after Christmas, and my school term had ended on the 21st so that I could spend it with my family. I have never been one to celebrate the mainstream holidays. In the train station, […]

Los Galapagos »

As a high school student, I reluctantly took Biology class. The only moments that I loved taking that class was  when I learned of the different ecosystems around the world. I remember learning about the Galapagos Islands and thinking “I would love to go there someday”. Through studying abroad in Ecuador the first semester of […]

“. . .this majestical roof, fretted with golden fire. . .” »

The beautiful underside of the roof covering the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe, a recreation of the Elizabethan theatre made famous by Shakespeare’s work. As a groundling, I paid £5 (~$8.00) to stand in the Yard within two feet of the front of the stage. Yes, the play was nearly three hours long, and standing for […]


“Don’t lose your cup. It’s your baby, your life.” »

. All of us international students bought blue overalls since it’s tradition at Swedish universities to wear overalls. The first time you are supposed to wear your overalls is at what they call your Overall Premiere. I talked to my Swedish friend about his Premiere and he muttered something about wine and buckets and not […]

My England »

This was a spot I found to study when it was warm in England (a total of about 3 days) and it was fantastic. It represented everything that I found peaceful about England. The agriculture and old buildings over looking rolling hills of green farms and grazing land. This space was my step into a life that didn’t function by the amount of time saved in the coffee line. Don’t get me wrong, that life was in England too, but it was wonderfully mixed together in a complex attitude on how to value life and time. This space was my England.

My last sunset in Granada »

Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain »