Tellus: (tel’us), n. 1. [Latin] earth, soil, and the land; a country; the world. 2. a collection of Willamette University student’s insights, stories, photos and thoughts from their experiences studying abroad.

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Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain

Built many years ago to carry water to the city of Segovia this inspiring piece of architecture just uses the weight of the stones to hold it in place. To me, this was symbolic to my time in Spain: we were all able to support each other despite any adversity we faced and we would remain forever strong. Standing beside this massive structure made me realize how diverse and beautiful the country of Spain is. Our program visited Segovia on an excursion and I was amazed at the vast differences in culture and the amount of history that Spain has experienced over the past centuries. I was in awe and decided to take a photograph in hopes of capturing the true beauty of ancient architecture.

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