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My last sunset in Granada

The city of Granada has one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. My friends and I would always walk up to the hills of el Sacromonte two hours before the sun would set to catch the whole process. Every time we went up there it was always different, always a new experience. There were different shade of colors that made the sky more vibrant. Sometimes there were clouds and sometimes there weren't. I never went up there without my camera because I knew that there would always be characteristics that would differentiate it from the previous sunset. This is a picture of my last sunset in Granada. When I took this photo I was experiencing mixed emotions: sadness, excitement, joy. "Would I ever see this sunset again?" was what I kept on asking myself throughout that day. After an amazing four months I knew it was time to say goodbye, but the uncertainty of my return made it much harder to let go. Looking at this picture now still creates a whirlwind of emotions within me. I miss Europe, I miss Granada and I miss my friends. But I'm also extremely grateful that I got the opportunity to have such an amazing experience and even better, that I have my loved ones here in the states who I can share my experiences with. Although I miss my life in Granada, I'm happy and thankful to be home. My stories, souvenirs and pictures will hopefully propel someone else to embark on the amazing experience that was studying abroad.

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