Tellus: (tel’us), n. 1. [Latin] earth, soil, and the land; a country; the world. 2. a collection of Willamette University student’s insights, stories, photos and thoughts from their experiences studying abroad.

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When I took this photo, I was completely in awe of the beauty around me. So much so that this scene took my breath away completely. This photograph does not begin to do the beauty of Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, and the surrounding areas justice. Before this trip to Queenstown, I had been so preoccupied with classes and finding friends and settling in that I had yet to truly see the beauty of New Zealand. But when I went to Queenstown, my eyes were opened to just how beautiful the world around me really is. My breath was completely taken away in that instant and it changed my perspective dramatically. And now that I'm back home, I look around me and see that beauty, sometimes in places I pass by daily but never notice. The day I took that photograph was the day I was reminded of how beautiful our world really is.

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