Tellus: (tel’us), n. 1. [Latin] earth, soil, and the land; a country; the world. 2. a collection of Willamette University student’s insights, stories, photos and thoughts from their experiences studying abroad.

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I spent my fall semester in the incredible city of Prague, Czech Republic.  I took thousands of pictures of my time abroad, but I particularly like this one.  It shows the skyline of the historic Old Town district of Prague, with the Zizkov broadcast tower looming over every building in the city.  Erected by the Czechoslovak Communist Party in the 1960s, the tower is still in use today.  This picture shows an interesting juxtaposition between two important elements of the history of Prague and the Czech Republic and serves as a reminder that even though the country has managed to integrate politically and economically with Western Europe, its communist legacy is not forgotten.

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