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Difficulties Abroad, The Angry Frenchman

During my stay abroad in Aalborg, Denmark I lived with two french students also studying abroad, however, for longer periods of time. One of them, Jeremy, was the source of many difficulties throughout my stay in northern Europe. It all culminated late on one Tuesday night. It was his birthday, and the two of us along with some other friends were heading out towards the bars to celebrate. Along the way I mentioned to Jeremy that someone had said something negative about his friend from school, Matthieu. For whatever reason this set Jeremy off. He became angrier than anyone I’ve ever seen before, and the almost comedic attempts at angry English did not make it any easier for me to appropriately react. After suffering taking the full force of his wrath for close to an hour I finally attempted to leave him. He followed me and attempted to grab me to stop me from leaving. This is the story of the first and only fight I’ve ever been in. Four in the morning in the middle of a Danish street on a Tuesday, and I was in a brawl with one of my roommates. By the end he apologized and not much was hurt more than egos. However, when people talk about difficulties abroad, it is always Jeremy that comes to mind.

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