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The best preparation for my program

Honestly moving abroad is a big shock. I definitely wasn’t entirely aware of it at the time, because internally everything seems fine, but it really was a crazy time. Luckily, you can prepare yourself for some of the challenges that you are going to face. For me there was one thing that perhaps served as the best preparation. Living in Denmark was the first time that I would be entirely responsible for feeding myself. As such I spent much of the summer with my parents in the kitchen learning how to fend off starvation. Although there are many different foods internationally and I didn’t have all of the resources I was used to, having basic cooking skills came in handy countless times. Not to mention that inviting people over for a homemade ‘American’ meal cooked by the guy from the ‘U.S.A.’ was consistently a great way to make friends. Making sure that I was able to cook food, and good food, was a key preparation I made to stay happy and healthy while abroad. It’ll also save you a lot of money on eating out! Although it’s pretty hard to avoid spending money anyway!

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