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Pressing Start in Turkey

So it is time to talk about the language barrier. It is actually not that bad, I can mime almost anything now! I have also learned a few words like hello and thank you and sorry/excuse me. But I have noticed a few things

1) Tone here is not as important as it is in english. For example, when we say sure, it can mean several things depending on the location and the tone used. If you are a midwest person, it will mean ok sounds good, but if you are from the best coast, it could be used sarcastically like, sure whatever you say. Here in Turkish, tone of what you are saying is not that important, it is the tense you use.

2) HOLY SHIT THIS LANGUAGE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! it has a very lyrical way about it, where english is more forceful.

3) More letters= more confusion. Enough said.

And now for the things I have crossed off my bucket list

Number 19 is done! I was out until 4am, and promptly slept at 6am to 10am. It was a delirious day, but sooo worth it for that night. We went to a party specifically for exchange students and in essence, “we danced, we cried and had a really really real good time”

Number 3 is also done! I have never eaten so much yogurt, meatballs, pasta and bread in my life. And it is good! Except there is no bacon, so I am slowly dying inside. very very slowly.

And for some more things I have figured out I like

Hookah is so fun! mint and apple is the best one I have had so far and I am even buying one and bringing one back. Oh did I mention that the price is equivalent to about 30USD? Ya I am pretty stoked.

Also I miss good beer. Beer here is about the equal to expensive PBR. It is so sad, but it gets the job done I guess.

But on a happier note! I am learning to cook so next year, fast food will not be my best friend. Just a munchies buddy :)

And Now for some of my travels!!!

This is the inside of the Hagia Sophia, it was a church, a mosque, and is now a museum. It was so beautiful and I will have to go again. Also Professor Nicgorski, I watched out for the falling dome!

This was a cat rolling around outside the Hagia Sophia. I love that there are SO MANY CATS here! I even was able to hold and pet one outside the Archaeology Museum.

This is in Topkapi Palace. It was the Royal palace for the Sultan. So were were were walking around where the members of the high court and the royals chilled out!

This was in the Archaeology Museum. I just thought that it was cool.

On one of the hikes I took

The Bosporus Sea!! The hike was on a steep hill, but as you can see…

Well worth the result!

Until later!

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