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Here are some photos I took from the Diren Gezi Park protests in Taksim Square and some captions with my translations or explanations.

Gezi Park 1

“Resistance is everywhere.” from Galatasaray fans. I noticed that while united by a common cause, most of the fans from Turkey’s three main soccer clubs identified themselves in different camps within the park.

Gezi Park 2

“This is a civil resistance, do not damage anything.”

Tayyip Istifa

“Resign Tayyip!”  Tayyip is the middle name of the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Capulcu Hotel

“Çapulcu Hotel”–Çarşı” The Çarşı is the fan club for the Turkish soccer team Beşiktaş which is especially known for its association with radical leftist politics, as evidenced in part by the use of the anarchy symbol in their name. It was members of the Çarşı who hijacked a police tank and used it to hunt down police officers with its water cannon and who commandeered a bulldozer and charged it against the police lines in Beşiktaş. The term “Capulcu” means “Marauder” and is a term that the protesters appropriated for themselves when Prime Minister Erdogan used it to describe them.

Gezi Park 3

“Here you may take action!”
also, right below it, “All Cops are bastards”

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