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This weekend was my first weekend in Angers! I started class on Wednesday, and I was more than ready to have a few days off to explore the town.

Thursday night there was a Soirée Française at the Soft Bar, close to the school. Everyone in the program was invited to wear colors of the french flag, and everyone who went got one free drink!

Thursday, after class, my friends, Caroline, Katie, Paige and I went to get a little bit of shopping done, and have some dinner before the soirée. We had a bit of trouble finding a place that served food, rather than drinks only, but we managed to find a pub that served sandwiches and quiches! My Croque Monsieur hit the spot, however the beer in France is a lot lighter in flavor than the beer in America! I have yet to try one that I really love.

Next we met the group to go to the Soft Bar. We each had our free drinks and got to know some of the other people from the program! My favorite parts of the night were getting hot french fries across the street, and singing Britney Spears and Party in the U.S.A. with the other students.

The next day, Friday was the night of the big show, Puy de Fou. The show was a little over an hour away, and it was incredible how many people were there. When we sat down in our seats in the outdoor arena, I could not believe how big the landscape was for the show!

The best way that I can describe the show is as a live-action film. The landscape looked a little like the shire from Lord of the Rings; There were windmills in the distance, a small house, rolling hills, cobblestone paths and a Castle at the center surrounded by a lake. The show told the history of a town, from when it was mostly peasant farmers to after World War II. There were hundred of actors who participated, and the music, lights, special effects, and fireworks were spectacular.

This weekend in Angers there is an Arts festival called les Accroche-Coeurs. Paige and I met Caroline for crepes and shopping before we went to see the show. We decided to see an acrobatic act at 8:30 pm, so we had time to grab an early dinner with Katie at a Tapas bar.

The show was great, however we left early because it was so cold!

All in all, my first weekend in Angers was AMAZING! I am loving the town and everything it has to offer.

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