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The London Theater-Going Experience

View of the London Eye from the Millennium Bridge

The London Theater- Going Experience was one full of culture, sights, entertainment, and learning. The two plays I got to see at the Globe were A Mid Summer Night’s Dream, and Macbeth. On the way to Shakespeare’s Globe, I would walk across this bridge to get to the other side of the Thames river. The Globe is still located in what a Londoner in Shakespeare’s time would call “the liberties.” The London Eye is the big Ferris Wheel looking structure. From the top of that one can see all of London, but it is about forty quid for the opportunity! The view was always epic across the bridge, night or day, heavy winds and all. It is also the way to the Tate Modern!
Back to the plays! It was quite the experience to see Shakespeare’s plays in the place they were meant to be performed. The idea of standing on the ground floor through a three hour performance seemed exhausting. However, it proved to be one of the most engaging surroundings.

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