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Discovering unexpected buildings

This is one of my first pictures of the Pantheon.

Living in a large ancient city definitely took an adjustment. Most of the streets were windy and narrow without any sidewalks. Cars, mopeds, and pedestrians have to share the area. Navigating through all the streets was definitely a process and it was still easy to get lost. People’s driving was insane in Rome and parking was interesting. Cars would park on curbs, squeeze into tiny parking spots, and people would make their own spots wherever they pleased. There were so many changes (big and small) that took getting used to. However, it was amazing living in an ancient city and every day I grew to appreciate it more and more. One of my first days wandering around the city was with a group of people from my school and we were following a friend who was navigating us to the Trevi fountain. I did not have a map with me so I did not know where we were going or what was around us. As we turn a corner, all the sudden the Pantheon is right in front of us. This grand building commissioned by Agrippa in 126 AD! It is surreal thinking how old the building is and seeing it in the middle of a piazza. It became one of my favorite buildings and whenever I would cut through the middle of the city, I could count on passing by the Pantheon. Eventually I grew to love the ancient city that I called my home for a few months.

This picture was taken on one of our final days in Rome. We went around to see the Roman sites one last time.

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