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Thanksgiving in the Land the Pilgrims Fled

Turkey Marsala, Herb Risotto, and Brussels Sprouts

This is a photo of the Thanksgiving dinner that I prepared for myself while studying abroad in England. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because I love spending a cozy and relaxing day at home with my family. It was difficult to have my first Thanksgiving away from home in a different country, and without my close friends to help ease the homesickness. I found a way to celebrate the holiday with my flatmates (who had very specific dietary needs) by making vegan, nut-free pumpkin pies. It was funny to hear what my British flatmates thought about Thanksgiving, and their responses demonstrated some of the British/American tension that I experienced during my time abroad. For example, one girl asked if Thanksgiving was an “anti-British” holiday, at which point I explained to her that the pilgrims were actually British themselves. Luckily, none of my flatmates had ever eaten pumpkin pie before. so they didn’t know how wrong my attempt tasted!

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