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The Road Goes Ever On…

Last weekend, I left the Midlands. Weeeeee. It was through a uni organized trip so we got to tour around more Western-Southern England.

We traveled in a group of about 20 other international students and had a professional tour guide who was an absolute riot.

Our first stop was the shining city of Bath. The Romans built the great baths to pay homage to the city and they took baths there. We got to do audio tours because our tour guide was not allowed in. I learned so much about Bath that it’s actually ridiculous. If you want to learn about Bath, I’m your girl.

This is the great Bath. I did not drink the water though, too bad. I just want everyone to focus their attention to the scaffolding on the right of the picture. There is construction everywhere I have been so far. It is ridiculous

This is me with the Baths (no I did not take a bath there)

BUT!!!! I did run into Ally Benko!!!! The Ally Benko I worked with at Camp Matoaka this past summer. Isn’t that crazy? I was literally just sitting there watching a movie about the Baths and I looked over and saw her. She is studying abroad in London but in the whole country, who thought I would see her. I mean I didn’t even see half the people I went on the tour with. So crazy.

Bonus: if you go to my past blog about Camp Matoaka, she is featured.  #smallworld

 After we toured the Baths, we were set off loose for lunch. Well because Denise and I are the absolute most indecisive people when it comes to where we eat, we just walked around the whole city centre saying no to various restaurants. But somehow made it to the river front through hidden roads staircases.

It was a perfect photo-op. Casual location. This was where Javert commits suicide in a tiny, super indie film called Les Mis. I’m not sure if you have heard of it.

After spending the day in Bath/night in Bristol, we went to Glastonbury. It was a cutesy town.

This lady apparently time traveled just to give us a tour. Bless her. Behind her is the Thorn Tree that  grew as a result of Joesph of Arimathea putting his staff down.

King Arthur was also burried in Glastonbury! This was where he held the round table, well supposedly. Who actually knows what happened to him or if he even existed.  I like to think he existed, movies like Avalon High need to have some value! Also, I was really into the idea of Merlin when I was younger.

Pietro trying to find the Holy Grail.

Our tour guide made us go on this insane hike to the Glastonbury Tor that was probably as tall as the Duomo in Florence. It was really slippery, muddy, and windy. But look at the view! It was absolutely gorgeous and totally worth it.

But the Tor was apparently Avalon the island (AVALON HIGH!!!!) and it share the same energy lines of Stonehenge. I’m pretty sure that’s a stretch though.
After our treacherous hike in Glastonbury, we went to Stonehenge. Usually, I would be extremely excited about visiting Stonehenge but it was raining really hard and it was cold and my socks were wet. All I really wanted was some hot cocoa.
Since it was raining, we didn’t get the audio guides so we couldn’t really learn about the mystery that is Stonehenge. It was disappointing because we were just staring at rocks and didn’t know a lot about them besides what I learned in school and what the tour guide told us on the bus.
But what I can tell is is the henge represents a womb and the stone a fetus– or something rather

Even though it doesn’t look like it was raining, it was borderline hailing. I’m also hiding an umbrella from this picture. This picture was very skillfully taken in the matter of .5 seconds. Sorry Mr. Kroes for the extremely poor compisition in this picture. BUT HEY GUYS THIS IS THE STONEHENGE.

The theory I am officially supporting is that Stonehenge was a place for healing and a place for death. I didn’t hug the blue rocks, so I’m probably sick with some sort of ailment.
The second theory I can find some truth in is aliens.

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