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My Days in Prague

I will start off by saying that it is very difficult to write down what it’s like to be in a foreign country for three and a half months of your life. But I will do my best to describe being in one of the most amazing cities in the world. The first day I was in Prague, I took as many photos as I could because I was in complete awe of what I was seeing and I never wanted to forget it.

The first picture I took in Prague.

I walked around Prague that day with my jaw on the ground. What I hadn’t anticipated was how amazing the city would look. I knew that Prague was beautiful from pictures I had seen online, but what I didn’t realize was that once I had inserted myself into the city, it would feel different. I suddenly knew that I wasn’t in a place I was familiar with. I didn’t know the people, I didn’t know the language, I didn’t know the customs. People try to prepare you for the differences that you’ll experience abroad before you leave. Sometimes, it sounds like the adjustment will come slowly and gradually, but, for me, it came extremely quickly and suddenly. It’s important to realize that everyone adjusts differently and you never know when the adjustment will hit you. It could be three weeks in, or it could be the first time you step out into the city and take your first picture.

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