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Living the Dream

Hanging on my wall above my bed is a picture from a calender of the golden temple in Japan.  The calendar had been a gift my father had brought back for me from Africa.  It was a themed calender that contained pictures of some of the most beautiful and culturally distinct locations around the world.  As I flipped through it I remember thinking how amazing it would be to go to one or all of the places captured in the glossy photographs.  Two photographs caught my attention, one was a waterfall in Bali, and the other was the golden temple in Japan.  When I was done with the calender, I cut these photos out so that I could continue to enjoy them, dreaming of the day that I might get to see them in person. They represented my larger dream to travel, and more specifically to live in Japan.  Almost six years later, I stood at the very building that I had so admired, living out my dream as a student in a foreign country.  To actually live out a wish or dream that I had had so many years before is a feeling that is almost impossible to describe.  It contains happiness, satisfaction, nostalgia, and a little bit of sadness.  For once you have accomplished a dream it is the end of one journey, now I have to go searching for a new aspiration, a new goal.  I can only hope that I am lucky enough and driven enough to rise to the occasion once again.

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