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“You can walk up and down the same road for an entire decade and always find something new in London” Advise given to me by a Londoner

This picture details my first time that I was able to go into the City. On the first day that we were able to go into the city , which was about two days after arriving, my host University (University of Roehampton) took all international students out into the city for what called a “Photo Frenzy”. It was a way to help get to know our way around the city, which consisted of dividing into groups of people and attempting to figure out the Tube, Overground and Bus system. Our team got lost, and that was the best part! While we were getting lost we stumbled upon Westminster Abbey and Parliament! Which is where this picture was taken! It was absolutely amazing and stunning. I feel this picture perfectly covers the aspect of this city. After being in London for three months, there are still so much more to see. As I was informed several times by several individuals(ranging form professors, flatmates, parents of flatmates) who were born and lived in London, you could live in London all your life and still discover something new.

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