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A New Thanksgiving Tradition


This picture is a shot of the food I made with my flat on Thanksgiving while I was in London. One reason this photo is meaningful to me is that, although my flat mates were primarily not American, we all came together and spent the day in the kitchen cooking to prepare an “American” Thanksgiving. I loved how excited they were to contribute, and as this was my first Thanksgiving celebrated away from home, it was nice to have a new family of friends to keep the tradition alive. I also feel it is representative of what made my study abroad experience so meaningful: the relationships I formed with new people. All the new sights and experiences wouldn’t be the same without the people who were there with me. And my flat mates did a perfect job of making it feel like home. We became a little family. And in the same way my other American flatmates and I are shared our culture, we learned about theirs as well. Which was truly special.


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