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A Day in Lincoln, England

A picture of myself in front of the massive Lincoln Cathedral

Very, very early on a January morning, all the international students and I took a bus to Lincoln for a day trip. Lincoln itself is a very small town, only known for it’s massive cathedral, which happens to be the third largest in all of the United Kingdom. After learning that the cathedral was built in the twelfth century I was particularly amazed by the incredible size of it, as well as the intricate architecture and stained glass that made up the building. For as large as the cathedral is, the inside is quite modest. The most impressive parts of the cathedral were the stained glass panels that line almost every wall. currently, the Lincoln museum and castle are under renovations and closed to the public, which is where one of the four original copies of the Magna Carta is typically housed. Luckily, I was able to see the original in the cathedral and snapped a few pictures.

After spending some time in the cathedral, I met up with the rest of the international kids who decided not to go inside of the cathedral. We walked down the main street, stopped in a few vintage/second hand stores, and tried to find a pub/bar large enough to fit all 13 of us. The pub we found was called Straight And Narrow and was actually quite cute! There were old books stacked all over the walls and despite the largeness of the bar, it seemed quite cozy. We spent a few hours hanging out and chatting in the bar before making our way back to the cathedral to wait for the bus back to Bradford. More than anything, it was really nice to have a whole day set aside just to bond with all the internationals and get to know each other a little better.

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