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Irish Culture »

“St. Patrick’s day is about drinking, duh,” that is the response I got when asking my Irish housemates what this holiday was celebrating. One of their friends chimed in saying that St. Patrick was some guy that helped with some religious stuff. With that detailed description of St. Patrick I stopped my questioning and joined […]

Roy’s Peak »

Istanbul Marathon 2014 »

Study Abroad Experience in Dunedin »

Karinjini National Park »

Although much of my experience in Perth, Western Australia consisted of the beach, studying, and being enveloped by my residence’s ominous planned activities, I was fortunate enough to embark on a ten-day road trip spanning from Perth all the way to Karinjini National Park, traveling roughly 1,500 km just one-way with twenty other international students.

Argentine Salt Flats »

The picture below was taken a few days before we were to leave Argentina and return to the United States. We had gone from the jungles to the dessert, here we were at the Salinas the northern Salt Flats of Argentina. There are pools that are dug out all throughout the salinas, it is a […]

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum – Glasgow, Scotland »

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