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Nigardsbreen Glacier- Jostedalen, Norway


This picture is of the time my friends and I hiked Nigardsbreen Glacier one Saturday morning in October.  This was the first time any of us hiked up a glacier, so it was fun, exciting, and kind of scary all at once!  We had a harness, rope, crampon on our shoes, and an ice pick.  After getting used to hiking with all of this strange gear, the journey went a lot smoother.  This picture is significant to me because it is with my closest friend I made being in Norway.  We were about halfway up the glacier and thought this was a perfect spot to take a picture.  The whole time, we were in awe of the beauty of this place!  This adventure is in the top things I did abroad and something I will always remember.

We were so excited and happy the whole time!  We also kept saying we couldn’t believe that we were hiking a glacier.  It was such an on-top-of-the-world feeling.  I would love to go back to Norway and hike this again! When I look back at my pictures from this trip, I still feel all the feelings I did when this was happening. We were inspired to take this picture to try to capture everything that was happening- the great friends, breathtaking view, and amazing experience. Also, our friend had a really nice camera, so that was a bonus.

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