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When in Zurich: Never Judge by First Looks (Especially on Parade Day!)

My first couple days in Zurich were spent in my apartment, resting from my travels and adapting to the time change. Finally, I decided to venture out into the city – about half an hour from where I lived on the outskirts of town.

I was met by quite a shock.

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The people were dressed in the most bizarre outfits. Many of them walked in groups, all dressed in the same theme. These outfits ranged from men in tutu’s to sadistic cupids to Hulks to clowns. The diversity and creativity was incredible. My thoughts were “wow, the Swiss fashion is really out there!”

Another shock was the street lavatories – totally in view of anyone passing by.

After a few hours, I realized that this was in fact a parade. As it later turned out, the Zurich Street Parade is the largest annually in the city! There were over a million people (compared to the 850,000 population).

This really taught me not to judge by first looks!

It turned out the Swiss actually dress very conservatively, preferring not to stand out too much from the crowd, so in fact this was completely opposite of my initial thoughts.

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