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Always Learning

Quito, Ecuador is a very beautiful and special place. The people there are so friendly and nice, and always have wonderful things to say about their country. I read a lot about Ecuador before visiting and continued to learn about it in classes and from Ecuadorians once there. However, the experience says it all. The culture is diverse and warm. I could feel the love from Ecuadorians when we hugged and kissed while greeting one another. I did not notice the cultural differences until a month in because a lot of the food and city structures appeared very similar to those in the United States. My time here expanded my mind about what culture is and how it influences our lives. I realized that I am always learning and unlearning ideas. I took a weaving class and talked to a guy in my class one day. At first, he thought I was Ecuadorian because of my black hair and I thought he was a gringo because of his blond hair and blue eyes. We started talking and it was a good talk to discuss our assumptions. This is one of many things I continued to learn each and every day while I was in Ecuador. Sometimes it was frustrating because there was so much that I learned, but at the end of the day, learning is what keeps us going by showing us the many possibilities in the world.

This photo is taking on a walk home after class from the bus stop. It displays the beauty of the city life with the nature in Ecuador. You can see the busy cars on 6 de Diciembre and the gorgeous sunset behind the Pinchincha mountain. Forever a place of learning and growing and forever a home to all who visit.

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