Tellus: (tel’us), n. 1. [Latin] earth, soil, and the land; a country; the world. 2. a collection of Willamette University student’s insights, stories, photos and thoughts from their experiences studying abroad.

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Panorama of London

Last semester I studied abroad in England, and I took this photo when I was visiting London with two friends: one from Poland and the other from the Netherlands. I was inspired to take this photo because this experience was so new to me, and everything felt special in that moment. It was a beautiful, sunny day in an amazing city, and I wanted to capture as much of what I could see in one picture. The photo, to me, represents the feeling I was having of how this experience felt larger than life. The three of us were from completely different places, yet we came together in a new country, became friends, and traveled to experience new places and learn new things together. That is an amazing experience that will stick with me forever.

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