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Powerful experience »

When I was in Prague I took a course called Comprehending the Holocaust. At the end of the semester we took a trip to Auschwitz. This was the most powerful and educational experience I had abroad. My entire life I had learned about the Holocaust in school and from my grandparents , but to finally […]

Reflective Study Abroad Photo »

This photo was taken the week that our London abroad program went to Edinburgh, Scotland for a few days. A few friends and I stayed in Scotland a few extra days, and I ended up with an afternoon alone in Scotland, unsure of what to do. So, I looked up scenic areas in Edinburgh and […]

First Day in Korea »

Photo in Greece »

  This is a picture of a rock I took while I was in Greece. Greece is really famous for its rocks, especially the ones believed to relate to the people inhabiting Greece around 2,500 years ago. People like to look at these rocks because of all the stories told about Ancient Greece. I wasn’t […]

Prague Sunset »

I lived on the other side of the river away from all the commotion of downtown with some of the best people I have ever met. I loved our cozy apartment. Just below us was a cafe by day and a bar by night filled with the most hip people you will ever lay your […]


This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  Ecuador was the most amazing experience and I wouldn’t change one thing about it.  Like these kids, Ecuador was full of heartbreaking yet the most inspirational people I have ever met. I cannot wait to return.

Dachau Concentration Camp – Germany »

I was visiting Germany and it was the first time I had ever visited a concentration camp. As I looked out the window of one of the barracks I couldn’t take my eyes off what I saw. It was a bronze sculpture made to look like barbed wire but the barbed wire was made to […]

From Sweden to Istanbul »

Auschwitz »


Cordoba »

The mosque in Cordoba represents years of change, and transfer of power. It is an example of how religion has been the driving force of wars from a very early time. It was originally a small Islamic Arab mosque that grew as the city did, but in the conquest it was taken over by the catholic […]

Paris at a glance »

A Morning in Toledo »

I took this picture when my program took us on an excursion to different cities in Spain. Toledo was the last city we visit before heading to Granada. The picture shows the entrance to the city and its rich history. Toledo is a rural beautiful city and the streets are just amazing. Every street you […]

Last Day in London »

Granada, Spain »

I took this photo during a program visit to the Alhambra in the town I was living in, Granada, Spain. These intricate wall carvings were so striking and beautiful and I was so glad I captured the moment. It was a special moment of standing in a really old building and thinking about all the […]

Thanksgiving 2016 »

Home is where you make it.

Memories Abroad! »

This picture is of me and my roommate and was taken by our host mom on my birthday celebration! I am reminded of the delicious french food and warm atmosphere of my home stay when reflecting this image.

Cymru »

Dwi’n hoffi dysgu Cymru. I learned so much in my time at Aberystwyth, but the most impactful came through learning the language. It is so entrenched with history and culture: every word isa representation of the culture. Welsh is beautiful. Wales is beautiful. Cymraeg yn hardd. Cymru yn hardd.

A Monument to Blood »

A personal goal of mine has always been to see the wonders of the world. I have been conflicted recently, as to what should and should not count, but there is one which I know for certain. The Flavian Amphitheater, the largest of its kind across the Empire. We spent half a day in this […]

International Interviews and Internships »

During my regular life (meaning, not living in Rome on a semester abroad), I overburden myself. I thrive when I am over-committed, so I work multiple jobs on top of being a full-time student. So I told myself that going abroad would be time for me, and I would focus on relaxing and just having […]

Otium cum dignitate »

Otium cum dignitate. Leisure with dignity. This was the very first phrase I learned in Latin my first day of college. It describes a way of life for the ancient Roman elite: one should always work hard, and if one takes leisure, it should be a dignified activity, something that improves the mind such as […]

Where the Past is Woven into the Present »

This photo of Osaka Castle was taken on the Kansai excursion offered to the JSP students and it is an image that I think epitomizes my Japanese Studies Program experience. I was always in a state of awe and wonder throughout my stay in Japan because of the way Japan incorporated modernity and history together […]

Hyde Park, London, England »

The Voyage of the Daffodil »