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The mosque in Cordoba represents years of change, and transfer of power. It is an example of how religion has been the driving force of wars from a very early time. It was originally a small Islamic Arab mosque that grew as the city did, but in the conquest it was taken over by the catholic kings and created into a cathedral. The structure was kept, but certain things were replaced and added to make it catholic. To this day, people who practice the muslim religion are not permitted to pray in this structure. We took a class on this city before we went to see it, and all I can say is that no stories will do it justice. It is one of the most wicked things I have ever seen. It is enormous and hosts so much incredible arquitectural culture. It’s composition is as impactful as the history that has led to what it is today. I felt overwhelmed, but super impressed being there. I heard stories about people that consider this monument a huge part of their life bucket list, and I could not believe I did not even know about it until Spain. It is still incredible to think that I was there, and I got to experience it all. 

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