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Swedes’ perceptions of the USA »

So here is my second answer to the blog while abroad assignment. I decided to do a blog about Swedes’ perceptions of Americans because I think it’s extremely interesting, especially after all of our talks while preparing for our study abroad experience about foreign perceptions of the USA. So here it goes! Question 5. Describe the […]

Education »

So I decided to answer one of the questions that WU’s OIE has set up as a way to earn course credit (if that sentence made any sense) so here it is: Question #2: How is the education system you are experiencing different from what you are accustomed to in the U.S.? From your perspective as […]

Sweden so far! »

So I got to the great land of Sweden (aka Sverige) about 4 weeks ago now, and I’ve been too busy meeting people and getting settled to write a blog update, so here we go! So far I have not noticed a whole lot of differences between the United States and Sweden; punctuality is very […]