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A Day at Art Basel Hong Kong »

This is one of the many installations I saw at Art Basel Hong Kong ’17 and is called Not a Shield, But a Weapon, by Filipino artist Pio Abad. I mainly wanted to study in Hong Kong to better understand the growing art market, see how museums were curated there, and to witness what was […]

TELLUS Submission. Hong Kong »

Studying Abroad in China »

My time abroad in China was certainly a point of my life that I will  look back on throughout the future.  Being abroad enabled me to improve my knowledge of Chinese language and culture at a tremendous rate.  Looking back, my time abroad was certainly helpful for my academic pursuits, and undoubtedly will be beneficial […]

The Teahouse »

In the middle of Old Town Shanghai, there is a garden called Yuyuan and on the small lake lies a teahouse only accessible by a bridge of “nine-turnings.” As I walked up the stairs into the tea-rooms, I felt as though I was entering a completely different world. This was not the China I had […]

Hong Kong dim sum »

Hong Kong is the birthplace of dim sum. For the five months I was there, I was lucky enough to go out for it at least once every two weeks. It was available everywhere- from the five-star hotels downtown to random street vendors. Yet the best dim sum I’ve had to date was for a […]