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Chilangolandia aka Mexico City »

I spent my first semester of my year long study abroad experience in Guanajuato, Mexico. Mexico represented my opportunity to explore my homeland, it was a physical and emotional journey that was critical in learning more about my roots and rethinking my values. I did so by traveling through different regions of my home state, Michoacán and other states. I also built memorable relationships with students all over Mexico. A close friend of mine, Christian, offered me his home in Mexico City. I had to travel there to obtain my visa for Spain for the following semester. My visit to Mexico City was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had. My friend’s family received with such warmth and care that I remember now and smile fondly. I traveled to different historic sites and oftentimes had to do so alone because the family I was staying with had to work. I felt empowered, it was a huge city but I still saw many sights that I had seen only in TV. The above photo is of a “traginera” in Xochimilco. I traveled there with Christian’s mom and sister. We boarded the traginera and shared stories, memories and laughter.