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Good day in Spain »

This picture reminds me of one of my favorite moments in Spain. This picture was taken on my birthday and its of me and some of my new friends that I made while abroad. By the time this picture was taken I had about a month left until I would return home in the United […]

My last sunset in Granada »

Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain »

La Semana de Pintxos en la Cocina Vasca »

Before coming to Spain, I had started to have an interest in food.  My father had always been very talented at cooking and despite the fact that he was born in Japan, had always had a special love for Italian food.  I went to Spain without any idea of what Spanish food would be like, […]

Vamos! »

My father always told me not to assume. I, being my rebellious self, would always ask him why. Almost before finishing my question he would always reply on the dot, “Because it makes you look like an ass son”. I then figured out later on that assume starts with the word “ass” and that it […]

In Granada! »

¡Caray! It’s been about a week since I arrived in Spain. This week has been crazy. Awesome, but crazy. The first moment we arrived in Madrid we hit the ground running. Navegating our way through Madrid Barajas airport was an adventure. It’s by far the biggest airport I’ve ever seen. Everything being in Spanish also […]

Predeparture »

So I’m not even sure how this blog works at the moment but this is my attempt to post something. It’s Monday the 22nd and I have only 5 days before I fly to Spain. In usual fashion there are a billion things I need to do but haven’t started so these next few days […]

A Veces La Vida Es Como Una Película (Sometimes Life Is Like A Movie) »

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I think this was one of the most representative blogs I have from my trip to Spain, especially concerning the language barrier but you are more than welcome to look at any other blogs I wrote. I used my blog as a mainstream way to communicate the major events in my life while abroad to family and friends. My experience abroad, right at your fingertips- Enjoy!

La Sagrada Familia »