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Blog Service offline for upgrade on March 4 »

blog.willamette.edu will be offline for a much-needed wordpress upgrade.  The service will be off-line beginning at 4:30am and is expected to be available again by 6:30am.  Features of the upgrade include: upgrading from wordpress 2.9.2  to 4.1.1 removing CAS login (no longer supported) all admin actions will now be done over SSL If you have […]

Personal blog service moved to Blogger »

Effective December 12, 2013, Willamette University is retiring it’s WordPress-based personal blog service at blog.willamette.edu, in favor of blogs at Blogger, which allow you to log in with your Willamette account, create one or more blogs, and transfer them to a non-Willamette account when you leave. Existing personal blogs and institutional blogs at this site […]

MovableType blogs retired »

As of May 1, 2012 any remaining MovableType blogs have been retired.  Willamette switched blogging platforms from MovableType to WordPress in Mar 2010.  Old blogs had been maintained during that time, but finally reached their end of service today. New blogs can continue to be created in WordPress.

blog.willamette.edu switches to WordPress »

A long overdue facelift to blog.willamette.edu is now complete. We’ve upgraded the server hardware and operating system, but our biggest change is that of adopting WordPress as our new blogging platform. WordPress has grown to be the most popular open-source blogging platform. It has a large and healthy development community and will be much easier […]