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Anastasia Polosukina

It Is Costly to Criticize Poutin
It seems as if the power of censorship is growing in Russia. Not too long ago NTV authorities did not allow to air a material about Elena Tregubova’s book “Tales of the Kremlin Digger”, planned to be featured in Leonid Parfenov’s “Namedni”. One of the materials of the book was an interview of the author with FSB chief Putin. It also has information about the election campaign and some facts about Putin that were never shown to general public. The feature was announced many times and people already have seen the announcements, nevertheless the directors of the studio decided to cancel it. As the NTV chief Nikolay Senkevitch put it: “”NTV is not a place for rudeness platitude. The channel and highly respected program of Leonid Parfenov are too refined and too well-thought to fall into such a platitude.” However as the proverb states: “the truth hurts” and it is not the job of the news directors to decide what the public is ought to know.
Moscow, the most expensive city in Europe
An international company “Mercer Human Resource Consulting LLC” conducted an annual rating of living expenses in the largest cities of the world. Two hundred of the most popular goods and services are compared in price around the globe, between them: accommodation rent, food, clothes, transport and entertainment. It turned out that Moscow is the most expensive city in Europe, the second being Geneva. To find out the rating of other cities, read the article:
Recipe for Happiness
“Noone has ever died from an excessive relaxation.” Read this and other fun advises on happiness on the following…

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