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Wakako Nagamori

Hotel Apologizes for slamming door on Hansen’s sufferers
A hotel in Kumamoto prefecture refused accommodation to former patients and workers at national sanitarium for Hansen’s disease suffers. The 18 patients and four workers had planned to stay at hotel on November 17th, Tuesday, but when the hotel found out that many of them are Hansen’s disease patients, they decided to refuse them entry. The Kumamoto Prefecture government started an investigation into in to the decision of hotel, citing a violation of human right and a possible violation of hotel industry laws. On Thursday, the facility offer and apology to them.
Japan’s youngest criminal defendant gets jail for tape
The youngest Japanese criminal defendant at the age of 15 was sentenced to an unspecified prison sentence for his part in the savage gang rape of young woman on November 20th, Thursday. This is first time a criminal is under age 16 and punished. He committed with other two men who are 35 and 17. They invaded a young woman’s house, violate robbed money and raped her. It is very serious problem for younger people in Japan, because the Juvenile Law has changed in April 2001, and there will be more younger people can be punished.
Penniless parents pinched for ordering son to steal
A father and mother were arrested on suspicion of theft after they helped their 14-year-old son steal from a friend in Ehime Prefecture on last July. The parents wouldn’t make dinner for us, and finally they told him that if he wants to eat, he had better steel something. And he went to his friend’s house with his mother and stole about 1.3 million yen in cash and other goods, and his mother collected a portion of the stolen cash on the spot. The parents used these money on living expenses and Pachinko (Japanese gamble).

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