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Lorenzo Lambertino

Mexican legislators propose law to prevent possible presidential bid by first lady
The wife of high-profile president Vicente Fox, the first to break Mexico’s decade-long single party monopoly, has grown steadily in the public eye through a direct media campaign. Denying accusations of misappropriation of funds through her “Vamos Mexico” charity organization, she may soon grow to be one of Mexico’s leading presidential candidates for 2006.
Mexico deputies seek crackdown on child sex tourism
“Mexican deputies are pushing for a clampdown on the child prostitution industry, which is turning some of the country’s most popular resorts into sordid haunts for pedophiles and sex tourists (…) Mexico is a paradise. Tourists flock here and nobody asks them what they are coming for…”
Mexico’s unsolved murders draw fury
Hundreds protest slaying of 370 women in Juarez
Huge numbers of girls have been kidnapped, mutilated and murdered in Juarez, Mexico. A city of sweatshop factories and a way-town for inmigrants on their way north to the USA, this desert city is also rife with gang violence related to the drug trade. A thoroughly corrupt administration is falling under public scrutiny, being called attention to by a host of international celebrities. Even Willamette University’s Vagina Monologues drew special attention tot he plight of the women of Juarez.

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