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Seiji Hara

The Japanese economy has been increasingly feeling the effects of a more economically powerful China. With growing wealth, the purchasing power of 1.3 billion Chinese has never looked so promising to Japanese companies. Most of these companies are technology oriented such as cellular phones, digital cameras and DVD players. The automobile industry is also seeing some increase in profits as well. China, which not too long ago was seen by Japanese companies as a source for cheap manufacturing is quickly changing its image to a powerful consumer nation.
During the last World Cup hosted in partnership between Japan and South Korea in 2002, the Japanese soccer team performed better than they ever had. Since then however, it seems as though the team has run into problems. While Japanese players aren’t as internationally visible as their South American and European counterparts, in the past decade or so, they have started to venture out to show their skills in the prestigious European leagues. Today, it is said that the players chosen to be on the Japan national team are increasingly causing scandal due to their lack of discipline since changing coaches. The coach, Brazilian born “Zico”, is failing to administer disciplinary action and is being blamed for the latest “no-no’s” involving his players.
All Nippon Airways (ANA) has decided to raise the bar in the area of “gross-airline meals” by serving hypoallergenic foods on all international flights which apparently do not contain flour, buckwheat, dairy products, eggs or peanuts. Rather than the classic choice of “Chicken or Beef”, will the new option be “Water or Ice”? Hopefully other airlines will not follow suit, otherwise I’ll have to remember to pack food with me as well.

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