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Hristo Pavlov

In Memoriam
A Bulgarian soldier has been shot dead by suspected insurgents who ambushed his convoy in the Iraqi holy Shiite city of Karbala, coalition forces said. The soldier, a sergeant, was shot in the head, Maj. Slawomir Walenczykowski, of the central southern multinational division at Camp Babylon, said on Friday. Sergeant Dimitar Dimitrov died in a field hospital in Baghdad, where he was flown after the attack, a defense ministry spokesperson explained. He was the sixth Bulgarian soldier to be killed in Iraq.
12 Children Dead, Bulgaria in Shock
A bus full of Bulgarian pupils tumbled into the icy waters of Lim River in Montenegro. 12 kids from Svishtov town on the Danube River died in a road accident in Montenegro. A Bulgarian bus full of pupils coming back from an excursion, toppled into a 40 m deep chasm at about 9:20 pm on Sunday. In the bus there were 34 pupils, aged 12-17, from the Nikolay Katranov School in Svishtov town, their teachers and a woman guide. Driver Illia Izmirliev lost control over the vehicle at a sharp turn, as one of the tires went flat, the Serbian Interior Ministry reported.
King Samuel’s Border-stone Saved from Treasure-hunters
A sensational archaeological find, was discovered in an anti-mafia squad campaign. The antique was about to be illegally exported to Macedonia. A border-stone with an inscription “Samuel, the Bulgarian Autocrat” on it was confiscated from the home of treasure-hunter Stamen V. from Samuilovo village. Experts from the Blagoevgrad town history museum dated the find from the beginning of the 11th century, A.C.
Foreign Minister Passy Couldn’t Hold up Tears in Brussels
Solomon Passy cried when he saw the national flag of Bulgaria high on the mast before the NATO Headquarters. The Foreign Minister of Bulgaria couldn’t help betraying his excitement while the national anthem was sounding. Tears welled up in his eyes and he could barely control his emotions. At 10.46 a.m. Bulgarian Time in front of the NATO Headquarters in Brussels the Bulgarian flag was hoisted at a gala ceremony. The ceremony marked the accession of Bulgaria and 6 other countries of Eastern Europe to the Alliance.

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