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Rositsa Atanasova

12 Children Dead, Bulgaria in Shock
12 children died in a bus accident in Montenegro on Sunday, April 4th. The children were come back to their home town Svishtov after an excursion in Montenegro. A driver of the bus lost control over the vehicle after the tire of the bus went flat. The bus flew out of the road down into the Lim River, which is about 4 meters deep at this spot. Twelve of the kids drowned with the bus. Most of them were sitting at the back of the bus. They were also the youngest of the group.
Three Bulgarians Injured in Karbala
A truck driver was killed in Nasiria. Three Bulgarian troopers were wounded. A column of six vehicles, coming back from a mission were attacked from an ambush by 40 terrorists. Five of the drivers were spared but Mario Dimitrov Minchev was shot dead. The Bulgarian camp in Karbala is under siege.
Bulgaria-Born Christo Wraps New York Central Park
Bulgaria-born artist Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude who wrapped the German Reichstag in 1995 are planning a similar project. This time their target is Central Park in New York City. They are planning to put up 7,500 16-foot tall gates of saffron colored vinyl throughout most of Central Park, which are to bring the impression of a passing river.

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