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Tom Campbell

Three Blackwatch soldiers are killed in Iraq
Last time I showed you an article about worried families of 850 Black Watch Regiment members, who had been just deployed from Basra to south of Baghdad. Now for three families their nightmares have come true. Their sons were killed in an attack. Eight more soldiers were injured.
Human smuggling racket ‘smashed’
Eighteen people have been arrested, when immigration officials raided buildings in London, Hamburg and Cologne. They were accused to have smuggled hundreds of Turkish people into London, which worked at cheap laborers in coffeeplaces and take-aways. This revelation confirms the suspicion that immgration crime is getting a real problem in Europe.
IRA is “not winding down”
With all this talk about “new terrorism” one tends to forget that there are still some unresolved problems with “old terrorism”. Recent events in Northern Ireland have shown that the IRA shows no sign of giving up paramilitary violence.

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