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Tom Campbell

Stamps honor Charles’ and Camilla’s wedding
Even though David Letterman gave that news a decisive “Who cares?”-shrug, Europe is caring a lot for everything that is related to the marriage between Prince Charles and his long-time companion Camilla Parker-Bowles. But more interesting than just the article are the reactions of readers that mirror how divided the British people is.
Teenage British girls drink as much as boys
In a survey the National Centre for Social Research has organized since 1982 for the first time as many British girls between 11 and 15 admitted drinking as boys. 23 Percent of both groups stated that they had drunk alcohol in the past week. Even though the percentage dropped slightly from 25 Percent, the development triggered concern. Apparently it became much more socially acceptable for girls to drink.
Father killed his terminally ill son after working in Iraq
This articles describes a very sad case that shook up many Britains: A former soldier, who suffered major stress during workiing as a security guard in Iraq, came home and killed his son – 10 year old Jacob who suffered from Hunter Syndrome, which left him crippled and deaf. His psychatrist claims an abnormality of mind and that he had dearly loved his son and thought that was what he wanted. The sentence is awaited eagerly.

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