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Presentation (Reims, France)

I am the French Assistant for 2006/2007. I am 24 years old and I come from Reims which is located in the North East of France, two hours from “our beloved capital” Paris. In Reims, I studied English studies for five years and I graduated in Linguistics.

For me, I am really interested in joining the Willamette World News because it relates to the research project I pursued for the last two years at university in order to get my Masters’ Degree.

Indeed, I picked up various articles from foreign newspapers throughout the two years to prove that we can understand written German, Dutch and Swedish thanks to our knowledge of English because, mainly, they are part of the same language family; the Germanic one. So, this year, I will pick up articles from French newspapers that have a cultural effect.

I hope for you I will not find an article about French cheese because, if I do, I couldn’t help reporting it to you, lol, because, after one month living in the USA, I have already missed cheese!!!!

It is going to be an AWESOME year, have fun!

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