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Tori’s bio (Manchester, England)

I’m Tori Bell, I’m 19 years old and I am from Manchester in England, which is in the North of the country, about 5 hours drive away from London. I will be at Willamette for one semester and I am coming to you from Keele University which is a farily small university and is relatively unheard of (its between Birmingham and Manchester if you are interested). I am studying for an History and International Relations degree and I am in my second of three years.

I decided to join Willamette World News to share some of the quirkiness of England with the rest of the world, I also hope to put some news articles up to show people whats on the minds of the British people. As I am interested in history I will probably try and get articles of that nature, I already have something planned for the edition that will be coming out in the beginning of November! Oh and my final reason for being involved in World News is that I love England, we may be small and viewed as odd by many, but its my home and I want to share some of our ideas and our culture with as many poeple as I can.

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