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News selection from Ukraine

The word “news” itself seems to be very political, at least for me and, I believe, for many Ukrainians as well. Two years ago we had presidental elections (3 rounds!) and Orange Revolution. And in spring 2006 we had parliamentary elections. There are still a lot of arguments about how the country should be governed and what politicians should do. As George Burns put it “Too bad all the people who know how to run this country are busy running taxicabs or cutting hair”. It is very true to the situation in my country today=) Everyone has his own opinion about what should be done=)

So here are two short articles dealing with political news:
Crimea’s referendum on NATO membership illegal – Ukraine and Ukraine’s membership of EU ‘good for union’s health’, says Walesa

The first one speaks about a great issue which actually took place in summer in my beloved Crimea=) One night several ships with guys from NATO came to the biggest port of the peninsula. Common people from the city blocked the port, having riots and saying, that we don’t want NATO in Ukraine. The problem was – all the rest of the country seemed to be quite pleased with NATO presence in Crimea… It was a big deal and politicians still argue about that.

The second short article deals with the really important question: whether there is a chance for Ukraine to join the EU? Just a few interesting claims.
That’s it! =)

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