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Tradiciones en Oaxaca

Despite of all the social and politicial problems that Oaxaca is facing nowadays, the traditions are still being preserved and people are getting ready to celebrate one of the most important traditions in the year “El Dia de los Muertos” (the day of the Dead). Even though the Dia de Muertos celebration takes place during the first two days in November, from this point on you can feel that “air” of the Muertos. Actually for me, everytime I go to the cemetery during this time of the year I experience something new. The theme at the cemeteries changes with all the colorful flowers and the dances performed there.

In every house people set an altar with food, fruit, alcohol and pictures from their dead relatives. This is in order to remember and “share” some time with them. Food is another important part of this tradition. People in their houses make mole (spicy sauce), tamales and take hot chocolate with typical huge bread made in those days. In the rural areas the tradition is that young people go and visit their grandparents and godparents to have a cup of hot chocolate with them. I will miss it this year, especially my grandma’s hot chocolate that she makes on her own 🙁

Enjoy this site and if you want to know more about it just let me know.

Dancing On Their Graves


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