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Ukraine finally has a new government and the majority in the Parliament! It took us 4 months…

After four long months of negotiations, uncertainties and coups
de theatre, Ukraine has formed a new government and a majority
in the Parliament. What are the lessons to be learned from
these events?

“First, the changeover of political power between parties shows
clearly – to those who still had doubts – that Ukraine is a functioning
democracy. Now both government and opposition have
to prove efficiently and constructively their commitment to serving
their country. They know that they are being watched, and media
and civil society play a more and more positive and important

Second, during these four months, the political parties got tangled
up in their fight for power and displayed little concern for
the needs of the people. Many parties have lost much credibility
and trust. Ukrainians are disenchanted. The new authorities must
address this issue as a priority for the sake of the nation and its further development.

Third, during the last year, the political process tended to artificially divide the electorate into
East and West, rather than to unite the Ukrainian nation around its real needs. This is the main
internal political challenge of today.

Fourth, the economy is doing well. After a 12.1% growth in 2004, 2.6% in 2005, the GDP is
going up again with a 5% growth for the first half of 2006. Forecasts for the next months are
excellent. This shows that when politicians do not micro-manage business, the Ukrainian
economy grows robustly. That improves the standards of living of the population and lowers

Fifth, the Euro-integration of Ukraine is not questioned anymore. Now it is time to move forward
and to design and implement the necessary reforms. Because, after all, reforming Ukraine is
the real goal of this process. And YES will continue to advocate the European destiny of
Ukraine and help Ukraine to do its indispensable homework.

Founder of Interpipe
Corporation, Ukraine,
Founder and member of the
Board of YES”

For those, who’re interested I can offer a pretty serious site: YES Ukraine
It deals mainly with the question of Ukraine joining the EU and gives quite nice observations of political life in Ukraine.

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