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And the Oscar goes to… Germany… for “The Lives of Others (= Das Leben der Anderen)”

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Let us start this year with German culture.
Yes, we did it again. After “The Tin Drum (= Die Blechtrommel)” from 1979 and “Nowhere in Africa (= Nirgendwo in Afrika)” from 2002, “The Lives of Others (= Das Leben der Anderen) is the third movie from Germany (Category: Best Foreign Language Film) which won the Academy Award “Oscar”.
A successful night for director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck ended with a big party at the house of the famous German director Roland Emmerich, who lives in Hollywood on February 25th. With his wife and many actors of this movie he was celebrated this great success for the German movie scene. Donnersmarck’s first movie was a blockbuster in Germany that received rave reviews of American film critics.

This movie shows how the East German secret police (called Stasi) invaded and controlled peoples’ lives. Recent films such as “Good Bye Lenin!”, “Sonnenallee” and “NVA” have taken a light-hearted look at the communist regime. They avoided dealing with state persecution in the German Democratic Republic. Now in contrast, “The Lives of Others”, a movie set in the early 1980s, features a Stasi secret police officer assigned to spy on a playwrighter and his actress girlfriend. There is now a different and very critical view on this inhuman system. This movie somehow represents a delayed feeling of gratitude for the victims of the Stasi, which existed until 1989 in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR).

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