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Passive Child Smokers Prevalent

According to the campaign “Active for passive smokers” 76.8% of children are passive smokers and 65.8% fall within the category in discotheques and internet clubs.
Only one-third of the students in the country live in an environment free of smoke. Children in families with smokers are three times more likely to become ill from asthma and bronchitis.
“The passive smoker,” states the article “has made the right choice – not to smoke.” However, when he lives in an environment of smokers, he has to breathe in the smoke that burns near the cigarettes of the smokers as well as the exhaled smoke of active smokers.

This causes approximately 3000 deaths yearly and the campaign has undertaken an education effort as well as a withdrawal and anti-addiction program. A club, “The Young Antismoker,” will continue to popularize the message of tolerance towards everyone who has made the choice not to smoke.

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