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Where do we draw the line?

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An unusual issue has been happening in Sweden for over a month now; it has put Sweden on the list of Muslim-hating countries in the eyes of many Muslims. The issue is about freedom of speech and where the line between one’s freedom of speech in a democratic country is in regard to criticizing issues in a society in a way that would be considered as a hate speech/action or a provocative act; such an act would offend thousands and maybe millions of people. The issue is not easy to resolve and the line is blurry.

The issue in Sweden is similar to the events in Denmark last year that enrages many Muslims and many non-Muslims who think there are times when one can actually cross the line of freedom and/or expression. The current events in Sweden started on August 18 when a famous artist in Sweden decided to draw cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad which were published in a newspaper in my home town of Örebro. The cartoons depicted the Prophet’s head on a dog’s body, thus committing two serious wrongs in the eyes of many Muslims: depicting the Prophet in any way, which is prohibited and considered blasphemous and regarding dogs which are considered impure by Muslims. This is how it all started and the link that I’m putting up here is where we are right now with the issue.
Read more about this issue on BBC news and YouTube.

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