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India, the land of festivals

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My name is Raution and I am an international student from India. I am a number person and i do not understand the rhetorics of culture and of their philosophy. I came to the US because it has a mature financial market where I can learn more. I am a youtube fan and spend hours watching it.

Below is some of the latest news in my country:
Last week entire India was in a festive mood celebrating Dussehra. It is celebrated by different names in different parts of the country. It is a festival for ten days so it is also called Dussehra. The Navaratri festival or ‘nine day festival’ becomes ‘ten days festival’ with the addition of the last day, Vijaya-dasami which is its culmination. On all these ten days, Mother Durga is worshiped as there is a mythological story attached to it. It is said that on the tenth day she kills the evil and rescues the planet. So the festival is celebrated as an event when the good conquers the evil. People visit their relatives and friends and share sweets and give gifts to each other. These moments makes us feel how attached we are to each other and the importance of being in a community.

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