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Cold War II Averted? Russia’s take on Obama vs McCain.

The government-run Russian channel’s news reporter announces that the crucial California electoral college votes are in. And…voila! Obama will be the 44th President of the United States of America, to be inaugurated in a few weeks.

And at that point, it doesn’t really matter what electoral college is (as we in Russia are not very familiar with this election system, but what matters is, the decision has been made on behalf of the American voters and Obama is in. Which means that McCain isn’t anywhere near the Presidential Office for the next few centuries. (Although he might go into hibernation and wake up again a few centuries later, as he probably did couple years ago, judging by his looks and health records).
You will probably read about how the whole world is getting the aggressive “hope” vibe from Obama in other World News entries by my colleagues, but I will tell you something you won’t likely see anywhere else:
the fact that McCain LOST was a better indicator of change coming to the U.S. that Obama having been elected.
It doesn’t really matter what the candidates promise, what they stand for is what matters the most. Obama’s, as well as Democratic Party’s foreign policy platform, was debatable – it touched on both hard power and soft power at times, it perceived Russia as both an enemy and a friend, and therefore was….uncertain. Obama was a new face, with new flashy promises, so with his election the U.S. foreign policy could have changed either way: worsened relatively Russia, or, on the contrary, it could improve.
With McCain’s hegemonic mentality, however, the outcome was clear: the news for Russia would not have been so good. McCain argued that Russia be excluded from the Global 8. And at the point where a possible future President of the U.S. is arguing for excluding one of the “big dogs” from the Big Dogs club…McCain’s win would mean the next Cold War. And nobody wants that. And will never wish for anything like it again.
General support of Obama’s candidacy among the Russian public was strong to the point that a special web page was created, with Obama’s biography, and the most recent updates from the Presidential race. The last entry is from November 2nd.
Altogether, there are 2 things that make the Russian government happy about Obama’s win: a) McCain lost and b) The fact that Obama got democratically elected is a very good sign that America is progressing past discrimination on a national level.
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