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Letter From the Editor

Hello readers, this is Zan here to introduce our latest issue of the Willamette World News. In this issue, you’ll read about a traditional Chinese New Year, going to KFC on Christmas in Japan, and Saint Nicholas Day in the Czech Republic, and more. It is really interesting to learn about Christmas and holiday traditions all around the world, and I hope you enjoy reading our entries about how different cultures celebrate many similar holidays. Happy Holidays!

As the winter break is approaching, we can see many holiday decorations on campus reminding us of our traditional winter holidays. In the U.S., which is predominantly Christian, Christmas is a huge deal. However, I would say that Christmas has become much more commercial and secularized, and is often more of a generic holiday dedicated to gift-giving and time with family. The Jewish holiday of Chanukah is also frequently celebrated in the US during this time of year with gift-giving, special foods and candle-lighting.

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